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Angela Anaconda 2x9

Oh the Humanatees / In a Pepper Pickle

Oh the Humanatees


Today is the day of the annual Save The Manatees Auction. The residents of Tapwater Springs sell and buy each other’s junk with great enthusiasm. Angela has been saving up to buy a space helmet that once belonged to Astronaut Bob. Unfortunately, Nanette outbids Angela and gets the helmet. Fortunately, and amazingly, Astronaut Bob shows up and offers himself for auction. Angela is the only one with any money left and wins one whole day with her space hero. Not one to be outdone, Nanette schemes her way into Astronaut Bob’s heart and manages to thwart any and all of Angela’s attempts to have fun. Nanette even goes as far as having her father Howell bribe Bob into having dinner with them and ditching Angela. Will Angela’s hero betray her? Well, this is the Angela Anaconda show and Bob better not get on her bad side if he knows what’s good for him.

In a Pepper Pickle

Angela has unscrewed the cap of the peppershaker in order to play a devious trick on her brothers over breakfast. The pepper prank backfires and Angela winds up with pepper up her nose. The only way to get it out is to scratch it out. Unfortunately, “scratching” is a euphemism for “picking”, which means Angela will have to do her “scratching” in private so as not to be made fun of. Angela searches for a private place to rid herself of the pepper. Angela rushes behind a tree, but Jimmy Jamal is there writing in his diary. Angela is assumed to be snooping on him. Angela rushes to the washroom but Nanette and her clone club soon enter the room in deep discussion. Angela is assumed to be snooping on them. In fact, wherever Angela goes, someone else is there and assumes Angela is spying on them. The more Angela concentrates on her nose, the more she is thought of as nosy. The only way to clear this misunderstanding is to clear her nose. Will our heroine ever sneeze? Only the nose knows!

Nov. 06, 2000
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