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Angela Anaconda 2x7

Eating With the Enemy / Brocc-Fest

Eating With the Enemy


Bill has just won the Annual Tapwater Springs Inno-ventor contest with his spectacular, accidental invention, the Food Rejuvenator 3000. And thanks to Angela’s big mouth, Howell Manoir, is interested in investing in the device. Bill invites the Manoirs over for dinner so he can promote the Rejuvinator and negotiate a contract. Bill is positive that this could be his chance to make a lot of money and goes to great lengths to make sure everything is perfect for the meal. Angela is to be on her best behaviour. The Manoirs arrive and manage to insult with every compliment they give. Poor Geneva is at her breaking point. As for Angela, when she learns that Nanette has to be on her best behaviour, she manipulates the situation to make Nanette do whatever she wants. Nanette, of course, turns things around to her advantage and soon Angela is miserable again. Bill watches the evening unfold and decides that maybe money is not what he wants. Especially if it means the Anaconda family will start to resemble the Manoirs.


It is the annual Tapwater Springs Broccoli Festival and the children are made to enter a broccoli poster-making contest. Angela is not happy. Firstly, everyone knows Nanette is going to win the contest, so what’s the point?! Secondly, Angela hates the bushy green, which makes creating a poster in celebration of it even harder. Luckily, Angela discovers that Baby Lulu has a broccoli shaped head. Angela uses Baby Lulu as inspiration and creates a poster of the cutest broccoli anyone in Tapwater Springs has ever seen. To her amazement, Angela wins the contest while poor Nanette is runner up. Angela becomes the “keeper of the broccoli” and must give a speech extolling its virtues in front of the whole town. This forces her to find a way in which she can appreciate the funky florets or give up her title. However, in doing that, Nanette would become the “keeper” and letting Nanette win is almost as bad as the vegetable itself.

Oct. 23, 2000
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