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Angela Anaconda 2x4

Snow Mercy / Be-Trayed

Snow Mercy


Angela playfully throws a snowball Johnny’s way. Not only does it hit an unreceptive Johnny, but it bounces off of him and hits Nanette too. Nanette vows to seek revenge, and Johnny vows snowball retaliation. His aim proves horrific when he ends up hitting Gina’s pizza instead of Angela. Now that Gina is an unwilling participant of the snow war, Angela decides to defend Gina and her pizza’s honour. Angela and Johnny build snow forts and prepare themselves for battle. Johnny reveals he has a secret weapon-Nanette! In order to get revenge, Nanette has enlisted Karlene and January to help Johnny win the snowball fight. Angela turns to Gina for help, but Gina’s advice soon backfires and Angela gets bombarded with snow. It turns out Gina has been helping Johnny too. Gina could never say “no” to Johnny because he’s her friend too. Just when it appears as though everyone has betrayed Angela, Nanette soon proves to be the real manipulator of mayhem. It is then that Nanette becomes their preferred target!


Someone at Tapwater Springs Elementary has violated the school “dump your food, not your tray” policy. Nobody may leave the cafeteria until somebody confesses to the crime. Everyone pleads innocence and the kids are held hostage for what seems an eternity. Boredom sets in and Angela cracks and confesses to the lunchtime crime, even though she is truly innocent. When all the other children are sent to art class, Angela’s sacrifice for her friends and classmates is recognized, and she is seen as a hero. She remains a martyr of sorts until Nanette rationalizes that Angela was and is the only person capable of the crime. Now Angela has no choice but to confess that her first confession was a lie. This in turn outrages Mrs. Brinks who brings everyone back to the cafeteria where they are to stay until the real criminal confesses. The real criminal never does confess, but the truth is eventually exposed. Nanette is forced to admit to her criminal ways when traces of paté are found on exhibit ‘A’ – the lunchroom tray.

Sep. 02, 2000
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