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Angela Anaconda 2x25

Surf's Up / Dog Gone It

Surf’s Up


It’s summer vacation! Liz Lash and her “associate” Francisco are driving Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy to the beach. The gang is thrilled and plans to spend the day in the glorious water. Their nautical intentions are quickly foiled upon arrival at the beach. For who should turn up but none other then Nanette and her clone club. To make matters worse, Mrs. Brinks has taken a summer job as a lifeguard. It doesn’t take long until Nanette manages to get Angela and her pals dry docked! Angela refuses to be beaten. If they gang can’t go to the water, they will find a way to bring the water to them. Of course, every attempt fails because around every corner lurks Nanette, all too ready to thwart their efforts. But eventually Nanette proves to be her own worst enemy when she inadvertently buries Mrs. Brinks up to the neck in sand. Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy get their fun in the sun after all.

Dog Gone It

While enjoying a harmless game of softball, said softball ends up landing in a neighbor’s yard. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but, this neighbor’s yard is inhabited by a dog named Carnivorous. To make matters worse, the softball belongs to Mark and Derek. If Angela can’t get the ball back, she might not make it to her next birthday. She and her friends try to come up with a plan. Gordy is used as a decoy and the kids manage to retrieve the ball. They also free the dog from his yard in the process. Carnivorous lives up to his name as he chases everyone up trees and on top of cars. The only way the kids can get rid of the dog is to throw the ball back into the yard! Angela is back at where she started. She has no choice but to take matters into her own hands and go into the dog’s yard herself. She marches right into the yard, only to be immediately chased into a garbage can! Mark and Derek turn out to be the heroes of this tale when they come home and reveal that Carnivorous is really Fifi and quite nice once you get to know her.

Feb. 26, 2001
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