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Angela Anaconda 2x21

Gordy In The Plastic Bubble / Camp Anaconda

Gordy In The Plastic Bubble


Angela has a brand new microscope and eagerly shows it off to her friends. Despite Gordy’s lack of enthusiasm, Angela manages to convince him to look at his eyelash under the lens. Gordy gets more then a glimpse of an enlarged eyelash: he also spots a bug! Angela tries to calm his frazzled nerves by revealing that the bug on his eyelash is harmless. Everyone has microscopic bugs all over their body. This revelation offers little comfort and sends Gordy into a state of panic. He wears protective gloves and masks and keeps his distance from his friends lest their parasites find their way onto him. Then Gordy learns that it’s just not other people’s germs that he has to fear. Even inanimate objects such as books and food have parasites. Gordy doesn’t know where to put himself. Angela tries to help but everything she tries backfires. Soon Gordy has no other alternative but to sit in a bathtub all day. Will Angela be able to calm her friend before he shrivels away? Or is Gordy destined to live in a plastic bubble forever?

Camp Anaconda

Bill and Geneva will be away during Spring Break and plan on sending Angela to Connie Brinks’ Biology Camp. Angela’s friends are stuck with the same fate. Now, there’s nothing more boring then a week with Connie, so an alternative is desperately needed. Cue Mark and Derek who need money to buy hockey equipment. They agree, for a price, to take care of Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy – Camp Anaconda is born. However, if any harm comes to the children, Mark and Derek don’t get paid. Fearing their charges might get the tiniest bruise, physical activity is forbidden. The brothers even go as far as tying the children up. When the children plead for water, a hose is turned on them! Camp Anaconda is sheer torture. Well, the kids finally do manage to trick Mark and Derek into taking them out on the town. While they’re out though, the Anaconda garage floods because Mark and Derek left the above mentioned hose on. Of course, Angela is blamed for being thirsty in the first place. Having had the worst Spring Break ever, and facing the possibility that she may be punished for something she didn’t do, Angela could sure use a quick change of fortune.

Jan. 29, 2001
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