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Angela Anaconda 2x19

The Girl With All The Answers / Good Seats

The Girl With All The Answers


Gina Lash is only one gold star away from being crowned Questions &Answers Queen. When Gina wins, it will mean that the Q&A crown is one crown Nanette Manoir will never get to wear. Angela is ecstatic! Only Gina eats too much the night before her final competition. Mrs. Brinks seizes her absence as an opportunity to help Nanette win! Angela does everything she can to motivate Gina back to school before Nanette gets enough gold stars. But Gina is far too happy being taken care of to hurry up her healing process. Angela is forced to watch Mrs. Brinks hand Nanette the correct answers. Coincidentally, Angela stumbles upon the teachers’ edition of an old textbook. She tries to explain to Mrs. Brinks what she found, but Mrs. Brinks is too concerned with Nanette to pay notice. With the help of the teachers’ edition, Angela becomes the girl with all the answers. She answers all of Mrs. Brinks’ questions correctly, even before they’re asked. Angela would love to become the new Q&A Queen though in her heart she knows that Gina truly deserves the coronation. What’s our heroine to do?

Good Seats

A Mega-Giants Movie craze has taken over Tapwater Springs. Angela, Johnny, Gina and Gordy learn that a local pop station is holding a contest with free movie tickets as the prize. All they have to do is be the first caller to call the station when the Mega-Giants theme is played. Angela decides that they will listen to the radio in shifts. She chooses the graveyard shift. Of course she falls asleep before the theme song is played. In a bizarre twist of fate, Nanette ends up winning the tickets. Now that the gang doesn’t have free tickets, they decide to be the first in line and guarantee themselves the best seats. They show up for the movie over seven hours before show time before anyone else. Moments before the theatre doors open, Nanette and the clone club show up on cue and cut in front of Angela. It turns out that the free radio tickets gave them V.I.P privileges. Now Angela and her friends are forced to take even more drastic measures to ensure they get great seats. All Angela’s hard work proves for naught though when Mrs. Brinks sits in front of her and blocks the screen with her big wig. Will Angela ever get to see the Mega-Giants Movie or will she be stuck staring at Mega-Brinks instead?

Jan. 15, 2001
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