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Angela Anaconda 2x17

Cheese Under Pressure / Troop Or Consequences

Cheese Under Pressure


The liverwurst sandwiches that Geneva gives to Angela everyday for lunch are becoming less appetizing. In fact, Angela isn’t the only person bored with her lunch. The whole school seems unhappy with what their parents have packed and Angela suggests they all trade. There’s only one problem-nobody wants Angela’s lunch. Angela figures the answer to her problems is to bring something for lunch that every kid would want. So she brings peanut butter and jelly with her. But a kid can get peanut butter any old time and Angela is left out of the trading. Next stop: the supermarket. Surely Angela can get something cool to eat there. And she does. She discovers Squiggly Cheese, the artificial spray cheese from a can that not only tastes good, its fun to play with. Instantly Angela is the envy of the lunch room crowd. Even Nanette wants to trade with her! Will Angela trade away the best lunch she’s had in a long while? Or will Nanette just manipulate Angela into giving her the coveted Squiggly Cheese?

Troop Or Consequences

Angela and Gina love being part of the Junior Ranger-ettes. They however don’t love that Karlene and January are about to elect Nanette troop leader in an upcoming vote. Angela and Gina must recruit some new Ranger-ettes to prevent this from happening. They try desperately to recruit Josephine. She turns them down. The only girl who shows interest in becoming a Ranger-ette is actually-a boy! Gordy Rhinehart loves the crafts and other neat things the Ranger-ettes do. Being a Rangerette would also let Gordy be close to Gina Lash. When Nanette is unable to prevent Gordy from joining the troop, she points out that Gordy needs ten achievement pins before he can qualify to vote for troop leader. It would take a miracle for Gordy to get ten pins in time for the vote. But with sheer determination Gordy gets nine pins. Can Nanette foil Gordy before he reaches pin number 10?

Jan. 01, 2001
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