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Angela Anaconda 2x13

Goodbye Mrs. Brinks / The Birdlady Of Tapwater Springs

Goodbye Mrs. Brinks


The school day starts out ordinarily boring as everyone awaits an announcement from Mrs. Brinks. What a surprise when Mrs. Brinks reveals that she has been offered a dream teaching position-at another school! Angela’s not-so-secret wish of wanting to get rid of Mrs. Brinks may finally come true. All Angela and her pals have to do is be on their best behavior when the principal from the new school comes to inspect Mrs. Brinks’ teaching methods. There’s only one problem: Nanette doesn’t want Mrs. Brinks to leave. So, when Dr. Fanny (the principal) arrives, Nanette behaves like Angela normally would. Even January and Karlene join in the truancy act, resorting to deeds they must have picked up from Johnny Abatti. If Angela doesn’t do something soon, Mrs. Brinks will never go away. Unfortunately for Angela, it appears she has already done too much. Mrs. Brinks is so touched by Angela’s new angelic demeanor, she decides to stay at Tapwater Springs Elementary in order to be with her new favorite pupil!

The Birdlady Of Tapwater Springs

Angela, Johnny and Josephine find themselves in detention staring out of the window when a bird crashes into it. They rush outside to find the bird has seemingly died. Angela picks it up and offers a few words of condolence before giving it a proper toilet funeral. As Angela finishes her prayer, the bird comes to and flies away. The bird wasn’t dead, just stunned. Johnny and Josephine are stunned too. They feel that Angela’s touch healed the bird. Soon the whole school knows of Angela’s healing powers. They offer her all sorts of goodies so she will use her magical powers on them. Of course Angela knows that she doesn’t have any special powers but if she can make people happy and get cool perks while doing it, then where’s the harm? But when Mrs. Brinks gets wind of Angela’s voodoo, she demands that Angela give her the ability to dance again. Somehow Mrs. Brinks does manage to do a very brief and very bad two-step. Angela, pleased that she helped Mrs. Brinks with her jig, decides that this healing gig isn’t for her and gracefully retires.

Dec. 04, 2000
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