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Angela Anaconda 1x17

Hard To Swallow

Cut to the Chase


When Angela’s Dad gives her a bad haircut right she takes her brother’s autographed baseball hat without his permission. Angela wears the hat to school the next day but Mrs. Brinks confiscates it when Nanette points out the rule about wearing hats during school hours. Angela tries to get the hat back during Mrs. Brinks ‘golden star auction’ of confiscated items but Nanette acquires the hat by outbidding Angela with one more golden star. Angela has to bargain with Nanette to get the hat back which sets of a series of deals that Angela must make with her friends in order to get the rhinestone dog collar that Nanette is demanding as compensation for the hat. In the end Angela gets the hat back but also gets grounded and Nanette’s dog ends up with a rash from the fake rhinestone collar.

Dirty Work

Angela is excited that it is finally her turn to work in the school store. Johnny Abatti is to be the manager and Angela the helper. Angela has a great day in the story and basically takes over Johnny’s job without him even realizing it. The following day however Johnny is home sick and of course Mrs. Brinks assigns Nanette to the job of manager. For the rest of the week Angela has to do everything Nanette tells her to do, like scrubbing floors and counting paper clips. When 33 cents goes missing from the till Nanette is quick to blame Angela and Mrs. Brinks is quick to agree. It is discovered later that Nanette actually lent the money to Mrs. Brinks to buy a stamp. Mrs. Brinks is very embarrassed by her mistake and offers to make it up to Angela. Angela becomes the manager and has Nanette at her beck and call.

Oct. 26, 1999

Angela Anaconda season 1

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