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Angela Anaconda 1x15

The Dog Ate It

Angela Who?


A series of events in the Anaconda household lead Angela to believe that she is not a real Anaconda and must be adopted. Angela goes on a mission to discover her true identity and her real family. She follows up any clue she can and considers everyone she knows as potential relatives. Unfortunately all of the clues lead to only one conclusion – she must be a Manoir! Angela imagines what it would be like to be Nanette’s sister and it is all too unbearable. Thankfully the Anacondas show up just in the nick of time and prove to Angela that Angela really is an Anaconda albeit a uniquely special one.

Rockabye Abatti

Angela hasn’t had a good night sleep all week. Her brothers and baby sister keep making noise that keeps her awake. When Johnny announces that he has new race-car bunk beds and is having his first sleepover Angela jumps at the chance and volunteers to be the first to sleep over. Angela packs her bag that weekend with the hopes of getting a glorious night’s sleep. Angela has a great time at the Abatti’s that night until it is time to go to bed. Johnny snores and makes all kinds of unmentionable sounds in his sleep and worse of all keeps a night light on. Uncle Nicky can be heard talking in his sleep and Johnny’s Nonna snores so loud the whole house shakes. When her family comes to pick her up the morning she has fallen into a deep sleep and they can’t wake her up. Everyone comments on how loud Angela’s snoring is and how it is impossible to sleep with her around.

Oct. 22, 1999

Angela Anaconda season 1

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