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100 Things to Do Before High School 1x13

Join a Club Thing!

When Crispo joins the Save the Baboons club, which is ran by Mindy and Blake, CJ and Fenwick, who were not allowed to join, try to find their own clubs. Fenwick joins the Super Genius club and CJ joins the Club club, which is boring. CJ and the other club members attempt to make it cooler, but it gets taken over by Mindy and Blake’s club, so CJ tries one more time in a bigger room. When Crispo discovers that the money donations for the Save the Baboons club is going toward the club’s expenses rather than saving the baboons, he leaves and join CJ’s Club Awesome club, which becomes a huge success. However, it becomes too much of a success after Mindy’s not able to go in, despite everyone being able to join, and CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo not even being allowed to go back in due to the club reaching capacity.

Oct. 10, 2015
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